Yesterday was 1 month post op and I cannot believe I haven’t had acid reflux since that day. I feel amazing other than dysphagia I have no side effects and I feel great. I sleep well and don’t wake up with intense pain in my chest or in my back and neck from the way I was sleeping. Getting the Linx device was the best thing I have ever done.


Let me just talk about the dysphagia for a moment. It is incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but nothing like the heart burn I was getting. Also it doesn’t happen all the time and it’s quite satisfying when the magnets release and the food goes down. I find that small sips of water with strong gulps can move it. If the pain is intense and your body is like mine and goes into panic mode, I find that lying on the floor or leaning forward when seated can help release the pressure on your esophagus. I have had some serious episodes of dysphagia where I’ve had to cough up the food, but when this happened only a small amount came up. Since the food is only stuck in your esophagus no stomach acid comes up with it so no heartburn!

Just a quick note if you do try the leaning over technique I would not recommend doing it stood up. The food will run down too quickly and may make you cough it up without warning.

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