It’s Me!

About Me:

 My name is Molly Hart, I’m 19 years old and have suffered with Acid Reflux my entire life. Below is a timeline of these specific events in my life leading up to finally getting surgery and being on the mend.

My surgery is scheduled for the 19th of December 2017, and I will be writing daily posts on my blog page about my process going through the surgery and recovery.

If you’d like to ask me any questions or just have a chat, either head over to the contact page, email me at or follow/message me on Instagram and Twitter.

0-7 Years Old:

When I was a baby, my parents started noticing me bending my head more and more until I would eventually throw up. At 6 months old they took me to a doctor who as soon as he heard the story knew what it was, instead of putting me through uncomfortable and possibly traumatising tests at such a young age, they decided to treat me for acid reflux.

For a long time, this treatment worked enough for me to live a rather normal life. However, when I was 7, my dad was offered a job in China and so we all packed up and moved. The move must’ve aggravated my Acid Reflux as I was throwing up pretty much all the food I was eating and so we decided to get some tests done to try to find a solution.

8 Years Old:

I had this next round of tests done over 11 years ago when I was 8 years old, and I can still remember almost every second of it.  The first test I remember was a Endoscopy: The doctor laid me down on a metal table, not a bed, a table! The second test I remember was a Barium swallow,  they gave me this disgusting drink which I had to fight my body to keep down. I was then laid on a metal table (again) for an hour whilst a large metal machine was placed over the top of me. I fell asleep during this test but I had a nightmare and woke up hitting my leg on the machine. After all this, the outcome of all those tests was to stay on the medication I was already on and get re-tested when I was 18.

17 – 18:

I managed with the Acid Reflux up until I was 17, however, due to some unforeseen circumstances which caused my anxiety to get worse, which in return caused my Acid Reflux to get worse.I decided to use this as an opportunity to get re-tested. I started the tests with a endoscopy and they found a small, sliding hiatus hernia and took some biopsies but not enough as my body was rejecting the scope. My doctor suggested a six food elimination diet, which is when you eliminate the 6 most common allergens. My acid actually got worse during this which meant that I definitely didn’t have Esophillic Oesophagitis. I then moved back to Wales and went to a different doctor and had another endoscopy, this time under general anaesthetic so my body couldn’t reject the scope. They found a ulcer in my duodenum and that my stomach was inflamed.

My doctor then asked me to have a manometry and 24 hour pH test. I did the test with all my medication and the results were high normal.  

Present Day:

I was then referred me to a surgeon who told me about the Linx procedure. He recommended I go home and research both the Linx and the Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication. I decided on the Linx procedure however, finding a doctor that does the procedure was fairly difficult.  I had 2 options Mr. Rishi Singhal or a Doctor in Southampton – both are around 2 hours from where I live. I went to meet Mr. Singhal and as soon as I mentioned my previous manometry test was on my medication he wanted a second done when I was off my medicine. I got the results on the 29th November and they were shocking to me,  yet also not shocking at all.

I thought I had a good day during the test but when I saw the results I had Acid Reflux pretty much all day. A normal score on the demeester scale is below 14.72 and I got 42, with my condition being described as severe. Mr. Singhal explained my options and I was still more than happy to go with the Linx procedure and and my surgery has been scheduled for the 19th of December 2017!