The Surgery Day:

We arrived and were taken to our room we had some time alone before Mr. Singhal came in to do chat about everything. He made sure I understood that if there was something wrong he would be changing the procedure and doing a fundoplication rather than the Linx. I was still set on the Linx and he assured me he would do that unless he really couldn’t. Then I met with the anaesthetist, I explained to him I had a fear of needles and asked if there was anything he could do to make it easier for me. He said he would try his best. Then Victoria (marketing manager) came in to chat about the filming and see how I was feeling. We did a preop interview. After they left the nurses prepped me for surgery. I walked down in my panda outfit and my slippers making everyone laugh as I passed. The anaesthetist was waiting and led me into the theatre, He gave me some gas and numbed my hand before inserting the IV, it still hurt but my BP didn’t drop so that’s good, he then immediately put me under.

When I woke up I immediately asked if they implanted the Linx device and they said yes, being on morphine and still had anaesthetic in my system I started dancing which of course made everyone laugh. After I had recovered enough they rolled me back to my room of course I was dancing still. When I got back I started feeling really nauseous, because of the dancing, silly me. The first few hours were pretty good, my incisions were sore but that’s expected and I was understandably tired. After being in the room only a few hours they brought me some food, Cumberland sausage and mash. Cumberland sausage used to be too spicy for me to handle but I ate it slowly drinking water after every bite. I ate every bite without pain and without acid symptoms. The food got stuck a few times but that’s normal and I was able to fix it by simply drinking little sips of water. It didn’t hurt like I expected it to to be honest it was more just a pressure in my chest. When the device opened and the food entered my stomach I could feel it and sometimes both me and my mum could hear it. Mr. Singhal did visit me that day but I think he could see how out of it I was so didn’t stay long just helped me get a drink and suggested I eat 

I didn’t have a very good night as I had shoulder pain from the trapped gas and the leg compressing machine I had was extremely loud. Every time I almost drifted to sleep I would be startled awake by the machine. I was very high on morphine at the time so it probably wasn’t as scary as my mind was making it out to be. When I attempted to go to the toilet I got extremely nauseous and my BP dropped so they laid me down and lifted my legs, this caused an awful lot of gas to move to my shoulder putting me in intense pain, they called the on call doctor just in case but he also believed it was just the gas. It dissipated and they took off the leg compressor so i could get some sleep. I slept on and off for about 6 hours waking every few hours for some more pain medication.

Day After:

In the morning Mr. Singhal came to visit asking how I was and to tell us how successful the surgery was. After breakfast (Another sausage and some orange juice) we got ready to leave and they discharged me so I could get in the car and endure the gruelling 2 hour car ride home. I was luckily able to sleep pretty much the entire journey. when we arrived home i was able to spend some time with my dragons and ate some chips. I slept quite well that night woke up early and spent some time with the cats playing with a straw. The only unbearable thing I would say about this surgery is the gas does not want to move no matter what you do.


Sorry about not blogging, after surgery you just really do not feel like it. I’m feeling much better now.



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