I am so excited. I thought I would share a really in detailed version of my consultation experience at the BMI priory in Birmingham. So when we arrived we were taken to a large waiting room beautifully clean and there was a coffee machine with tons of options, but we were there for less than 5 minutes before being taken to a second smaller room upstairs closer to the consulting rooms. We were in that room for a while before being called through.


Mr. Singhal was very pleasant greeted us and started by asking for the history of my illness. I told him a brief history but as soon as I got to the manometry test I had on my medication. He insisted that I have it done again. He called Katherine Noble at the Heartlands Hospital and told us to wait in the waiting room until he gets a call back. As soon as she called, he invited us back into the room and had the conversation in front of me and even let me talk to her. He gave me her number so I could set up a meeting with her and Mr. Singhal said he would see me after the tests. He also asked if I would be okay being a case study for him as he has so many older people coming in with cancer that could’ve been prevented, I said I would love to. Being completely honest, at the time I had no idea what a case study was but preventing cancer sounds good to me!

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