So as I’m writing this is is 4 days until my surgery and I’m feeling awful. Not nervous or dreading it, excited if anything, but I think my acid reflux knows I’m getting rid of it. I sit up in the middle of the night in burning pain, i haven’t eaten properly in 4 days. As I am writing this I have no voice because of my acid. How glamorous! Being slightly more serious, I’m understandably nervous for the surgery date as I’ve got to go through blood tests, fasting and then actually being put under using the IV. Lucky old me I have a fear of needles, but I’m sure this is going to fix me so it’s worth the pain and the fear. Mr. Singhal is a lovely doctor and I have a feeling if I mention my fear he will sort out some way of doing it where I don’t have to feel the needle or see it at all. I know I will have to deal with the blood tests cause I’ve done it a million times before but the IV scares me. I trust Mr. Singhal and I’m sure he will do a really good job.

We are Leaving on the 18th for my preoperative assessment and staying overnight in a hotel before my admission time at 9:30am on the 19th. I believe the surgery is in the afternoon. One thing I hate more than anything is the fasting instructions, mine are no food or drink after 5am and sips of water until 9:30. I have to be really careful with the amount of food i eat and when. If I eat too much I get heartburn, if I eat too little I get heartburn. So fasting all morning and afternoon is not going to be fun. I usually get quite nauseous after aesthetic so the idea of having to eat something every 2 hours is a tad worrying. To be honest though at this point I really don’t care what I have to do as long as I’m done with this acid forever!

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